Music for your store.

Music can increase the average receipt from 2% to 10%.

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The best experience for your customers.

Create the best experience for your customers with the right music and your personalized spots, because the music in the store can increase the average receipt from 2% to 10%

When we are in any retail business whose goal is the direct sale of products or services we should not waste our potential customers with too relaxing music, or give them the feeling of having to hurry up with too stimulating music.

In a clothing and accessories store we will have to opt for a background music that accompanies them towards the purchase.

In a lingerie shop we will opt for a rhythmic and repetitive sound that does not make the client lose the concentration towards what he is watching or trying.

The right music for your shop.

Today you have to compete with Internet giants like Amazon, and having the right music for your customers has never been so important.

With us you can choose from over 300 moods and add your custom spots to create your Radio In Store and have music for your store.

All our radios are streamed 24/7 h and are receivable via pc / mac through this portal, or by downloading from Google Play or App Store our free and dedicated “radioinstore” App or using the artificial intelligence of Google Home and Amazon Echo for a unique listening experience.

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