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More than 300 music moods to choose from, thought for your business to create your customized soundtrack whit or without royalties.
Every music mood is constantly updated and you can change it whenever you want with no limits.

Licensed and legal

Authorized music provider License. n. SGAERRDD/10/1238/0716.
Unlike the services for private consumers Radio In Store is designed and licensed for companies. Customized background music with or without royalties. In the United States it also includes ASCAP and BMI.

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No worries! You can cancel your online subscription when you want, also at the end of the 30-Days Free Trial. No constraints, just 19,90€/month per location, forever.
Music software included and customer service 7 days a week.
Look how it's easy to create your radio! Try it!
“Radio In Store is awesome! It is very easy to use and to manage music and spot advertisings. You have just to press Play and everything is ready! However the team is always ready to help you”. (Thomas | Executive Manager Wolbab)

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