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Radio In Store is a network specialized in in-store radio creation, brand radio, sound design and audio production.

We all have a passion!

|“We were born with passion of radio and music. It’s what we like and we are do better

Our journey started in 1997: some of us it’s here from the early beginning, others it’s enjoyned us during the years, but we are united by the same passion.

The project was born just for fun to help a small store in the city of Turin (Italy) to play some music.

Since that time so many things changed: today all the in-store radios and webradios of our network are managed with our personal software developed by us, it works with app, decoders and skills for the top smart speakers.

|Passion, change and innovation: three of our reference values.

We are based in Barcelona and we are working in 23 countries in the world, with 3 server rooms to guarantee the service.

Our core is composed by a music and audio team with music designer, sound designer and counselor and back end, plus a team of programmers.

We are committed everyday to improve the life quality:

~ Plastic free: we don’t use plastic bottles anymore

~ Our radios and server are powered by renewable energy sources

~ We use the cloud to reduce the waste of paper

~ We are smartworking pioneers to reduce travel by car and improve the work-life

~ We use the car sharing to meet our customers

~ More health, less stress: the gym is a benefit for all the team to be more energic

~ We believe in medical research supporting “IEO” Italian Institute of Oncology

~ For us innovation is important: technology, research and skills are mixed to offer innovative solutions

~ We believe in values: the relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders are based on honesty and transparency

~ For us training and professional development of the team is essential to improve our services

Our customers.
In over 20 years we have worked with some of the most important companies in any sector.
They are still choosing us and their trust is the best incentive to keep growing.
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